5 ways to show your legs some love

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Vein issues such as varicose and spider veins have more than a physical effect on the body. Many patients report feelings of depression, anxiety and stress over these conditions and the appearance of their legs.

Treatment to remove the problem can help, but there is still often significant mental stress and anxiety for many patients. It takes time to address these feelings and feel better about your body.

One way to improve your feelings about your legs is to show them a little love. Small actions can have significant results and can help shift your mindset. Here are five ways you can learn to love your legs again.

  • Practice meditation. Meditation can help alleviate stress and negative feelings. Many people practice meditation for mental health issues. There are many techniques, such as body scan meditation, you can use to help you feel more appreciative of your body.
  • Buy yourself some new shoes. If you aren’t feeling up to showing off your legs yet, don’t stress. Work up to it with some new shoes. A little retail therapy can help!
  • Focus on your legs at the gym. You may have been avoiding leg day while you dealt with your vein issues, but now that you’ve gotten treatment, exercise is just what the doctor ordered. It can help improve circulation and prevent future vein issues.
  • Take the time to moisturize. Varicose veins can cause dry, itchy skin and eczema. Daily moisturizing, especially after bathing, can help keep your skin healthy and soft. It’s also a great way to show your body a little love.
  • Splurge on hair removal. If smooth legs make you happy, why not spend a little money and opt for laser hair removal? You won’t have to worry about shaving, and your legs will feel silky smooth.

Adjusting to your new normal after vein treatment can take time, but once you see how good the results can be, you’ll start to feel a lot better. Follow your doctor’s instructions and enjoy the benefits of vein treatment. A little self-love can help you begin to feel great about your legs, and soon you’ll be ready to show them off.