5 ways to stay healthy when you return to the office

42137172 - drinking water while working with laptop computerIf you’ve enjoyed working from home, you may be dreading the return to the office. Now that vaccine rates are climbing, many businesses are asking employees to come back in some sort of fashion. There are a lot of benefits when you work from home. You can wear whatever you want, take breaks to walk around, cut back on your commute time, and make your own lunch.

If you’ve taken advantage of these benefits and developed some of these healthy habits, you may be nervous about losing progress when adding in a daily commute and office life. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips to help you keep up with your healthy work-from-home habits, even at the office.

  • Keep making your own lunch. If you’ve switched from eating out a few times a week to making lunch at home during the pandemic, your wallet and waistline probably thank you. Make it easy to keep up this habit. Buy a handy lunch box, prepare your lunch the night before, or take food to work that you can assemble quickly at lunch.
  • Make your commute your fitness time. Forgoing the daily commute probably freed up time for you to get active and try new exercises. Now that you have to commute to work keep it up. Try walking, biking, or running to work instead of driving!
  • Stay comfortable. No one is looking forward to tight, uncomfortable office wear. Talk to your employer about relaxing the dress code, or invest in fashionable, appropriate workwear that feels good. Tight, restrictive clothing can exacerbate circulatory issues like varicose veins or spider veins. Wear loose clothing to relieve pressure from swelling and leg cramps.
  • Pack your compression socks. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t great for your vein health. It was easy to take breaks, walk around, or lie down and put your feet up to relieve pressure when you worked from home. Keep some compression stockings at work to help relieve your pain, and continue to take breaks when you can.
  • Say no to coffee and drink water. If you’ve managed to kick the habit of hitting up the coffee drive-thru each morning, don’t slip up. Instead, buy a large water bottle to keep at work and remind yourself to drink water throughout the day instead of coffee. There are even smart water bottle options that will remind you to stay hydrated.

You don’t have to drop the healthy habits you developed while working from home just because you’ve returned to the office. You know now how great those habits make you feel and how they help manage your vein health. So, keep it up by making some small changes to your office life, and you’ll feel better about going back.