Compression hose can reduce the likelihood and severity of varicose veins

mother and daughter walking in the forestTrying to prevent spider and varicose veins? Ask us about the benefits of wearing compression hose. Compression hose can help you better manage venous insufficiency, a condition that can lead to a spectrum of vein-related issues, from spider veins to varicose veins to at worst, venous ulceration. That’s when a vein issue results in red and irritated skin and can progress to an open wound.

Chronic venous insufficiency occurs when the valves in your leg veins don’t permit blood to properly flow back up to your heart. This can cause blood to pool in your legs. By steadily squeezing your legs, compression stockings are designed to help your veins move blood more effectively.

It’s important to not only purchase quality compression hose, but to make sure you’re measured for the hose by someone trained in proper fit. Low-quality compression hose and hose that doesn’t fit properly can be difficult to wear, wear out quickly and/or not be as effective as quality hose. Don’t like the idea of wearing compression hose? Compression hose has come a long way in the last decades, and is not only more effective but easier and more pleasant to wear than ever before. If you receive treatment for vein problems, wearing compression hose after treatment as you’re instructed can make all the difference. They can help make your treatment more successful over the long term and can help prevent new issues from emerging.

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