Get checked for vein issues before you notice a problem

Doctor In Surgery With Male Patient Using Digital TabletWe see many different patients, and everyone has a unique story of what brings them into our clinic. Over the years, a pattern has started to emerge. Many of our patients complain of the same discomforts but often don’t know what is causing the issue.

It can be hard to recognize the symptoms of lower extremity venous insufficiency. Let us show you how many of our patient interactions tend to go. Imagine a man named Jack, who works as a local butcher. He’s on his feet every day, working hard to support his family and serve in his community. When he gets home, his legs are tired and ache. He often spends a couple of hours with his feet propped up because of the swelling and heaviness in his legs and ankles.

To make matters worse, Jack suffers from painful nighttime leg cramps, often waking up a couple of times a night because of the pain. He tries pain relievers, massaging his legs, and drinking lots of water. Nothing seems to work. Finally, a friend recommends our clinic, and Jack decides to get some answers.

It’s easy for Jack to make an appointment for a consultation, and he doesn’t even have to close his shop for long because we keep wait times low. When he meets with one of our doctors, he shares his symptoms and how they are affecting his life. An examination takes place, including an ultrasound. Based on these results, Jack learns he has varicose vein issues, which are the cause of all his pain and discomfort.

Jack’s story may be fictional, but his experience isn’t. Many of our patients come in for a consultation before they even notice bulging varicose veins or a spider vein cluster. They just know that something is wrong, and they’ve tried everything else to relieve their pain. In a few treatments, we are often able to remove the problem, which would have only gotten worse without treatment. Recovery is quick, and many of our patients see excellent results very soon.

Don’t keep waiting for your discomfort to disappear. Vein issues can be painful and annoying to your everyday life before you ever even see a problem. If you are suffering from similar symptoms, book a consultation today.