Have you tried compression wear?

Man lifting up a burbell in the gymCompression leggings or compression wear used to conjure up images of your grandma’s tight knee-high socks. That’s not the case anymore. Compression wear is becoming more popular every day for more than just treating vein issues and swelling. Athletes have embraced compression wear to help improve blood circulation while working out. It’s not uncommon to see professional athletes wearing tights and long sleeve compression shirts on the court or in the gym.

How does compression wear work? Compression wear is tight, elasticized clothing that applies pressure to the body when worn. There are different varieties of tightness that athletes can choose to use to apply more pressure and to get a better fit. These garments provide slight pressure, which helps the blood to circulate better, supports your muscles as you move and reduces muscle vibrations. Improved blood circulation helps athletes to perform better and prevents injury. It may also help prevent soreness after your workout, and the increased blood flow may help your body pump out waste faster.

Compression wear is a natural progression from compression stockings which have been used for years to help treat lower leg vein issues. These stockings are often very tight to help treat venous disease. Lower venous disease occurs when the veins are not circulating the blood properly, which causes backflow or clotting issues like varicose or spider veins. Symptoms of these problems include feelings of heaviness, aching, pain and discomfort. Compression stockings support the muscles and veins so that your blood flows better and helps reduce swelling.

Compression wear won’t solve all of your circulation or vein issues. If you are continuing to suffer from aches, pains, and feelings of heaviness, or you’ve noticed discolored, bulging veins, come in for a consultation. Our doctors will perform an ultrasound exam to determine if there is vein reflux occurring, which may be causing your issues. We can then recommend treatments for the underlying problem. Untreated vein issues will only get worse, and compression stockings or clothing are only a temporary fix.

If you’re trying to boost your athletic performance, give compression wear a try. It’s especially helpful for distance runners. Talk to a physical trainer or physiotherapist about how compression wear could benefit your athletic endeavors. If you think you are experiencing vein issues, talk to a vein specialist (like us). Compression stockings and leggings are medically designed for treating vein issues. We will recommend a proper treatment schedule for wearing these garments to benefit your vein health.