Now more than ever it’s time to celebrate your body!

Beautiful curvy women taking a selfie at the beachIt’s been a long year, and now that things are finally looking up, many of us are starting to feel nervous. What’s it like to return to ‘normal life’ after a pandemic? How will others perceive us after a year apart? Will others judge me if I’ve changed? Thoughts like these may be running through your head after a year of social distancing. It’s okay to be nervous, feel a little bit leery, or even afraid of social interaction. Our defense mechanism this past year was to stay home and hunker down. Now that the world is beginning to open up, it can be hard to turn those feelings off.

Another reason you may be feeling nervous is if you’ve gained weight, changed your appearance, or developed health issues during the year away. Many people have, and there is nothing wrong with that. Stress affects your body in a variety of ways, and it’s been an incredibly stressful year.

After a year of quarantine, it doesn’t help to be surrounded by advertisements and media stories on looking your best. These messages are not healthy, and they undermine how hard you’ve worked to stay positive and healthy this year during unimaginable circumstances. So if you are feeling any of those feelings, we have a message for you. It’s okay.

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, what you look like, or even if you have varicose or spider veins. You are beautiful, just as you are. After the year that we have all experienced, let’s agree to throw away the toxic belief that you need to look a certain way to feel good. You don’t. If we’ve all learned anything from COVID-19, the things that matter most, like our family, friends, and health, can’t be bought.

This past year, we haven’t been able to gather together, have parties, go to the gym, go on vacations, or do many of the things that normally bring us happiness. Instead, we’ve had to gather close with our families, stay home, and stay safe. It’s been a huge sacrifice, and we should celebrate our determination to look out for others.

If you’re ready to seek vein treatment, that’s great. We promise that we’re here to help you feel your best when you come into our clinic. Our treatments aren’t just cosmetic. They are necessary to help remove the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of venous insufficiency. Getting your vein health issues treated won’t automatically increase your confidence. Only you can do that. The treatments we offer help relieve the symptoms that make it harder for you to enjoy your life.

After this hard year, let’s celebrate your body for helping you get through a hard time. Celebrate the time you get to spend with family and friends instead of worrying about what to wear or what you look like. We’ve all learned how hard it is to do life apart from one another. Let’s rejoice in being together again!