Pregnancy can make varicose veins worse

Young expectant woman with headache lying on sofaRecently, an article from celebrity news magazine People caught our attention. The article profiled an Instagram post from Hayley Hubbard, wife of Florida Georgia Line musician, Tyler Hubbard. Hubbard outlined in her post her experience with varicose veins during pregnancy.

Despite only being 33 and in relatively good health, Hubbard shared that her experience with varicose veins started during her first pregnancy, and that ‘they just got continually worse and more painful every time” she was pregnant. She shared how her symptoms affected her saying, “ I wish I didn’t care how they looked, but I do. I wish that they weren’t so miserably painful and itchy all day. I wish I could wear shorts during my pregnancy without having to wear heavy-duty compression socks.”

Unfortunately, her experience is all too common. Many women experience painful varicose veins during pregnancy, and unfortunately, they can’t be treated until after delivery. The only option while pregnant is to wear compression stockings. But once you’ve given birth, schedule your treatment as soon as possible. Varicose veins will only get worse and more painful the next time you are pregnant.

Many pregnant women are susceptible to varicose veins because of Increased blood flow, hormonal, and weight changes that accompany pregnancy. The symptoms of varicose veins can be even more irritating during pregnancy when your body is already going through so much. Symptoms of vein issues during pregnancy include:

  • Increased swelling in your legs and feet
  • Feelings of itchiness or sensitive skin on your lower legs
  • Leg pain or feelings of heaviness
  • Restless legs syndrome at night
  • Swelling or leg pain after periods of standing

If you have noticed these symptoms while you are pregnant, make an appointment. Even if we can’t recommend treatment until you give birth, our doctors can identify the problem, outline a treatment plan, and recommend compression stockings to alleviate your symptoms until you can safely book treatment.

Being pregnant is hard enough. Don’t let vein issues make it worse. See us for a consultation today.