Three things your vein doctor will always ask you about

At Precision Vein Therapeutics, our doctors specialize in vein health issues. We’ve seen every type of varicose vein, spider vein, or vein ulcer you can imagine. Our expertise has helped us to deliver fantastic results for many of our patients.

To do our job correctly, we need to coordinate care with your family physician, or at least have a detailed look at your medical history. Here are a few things we review:

  • Your overall health. Our treatments are easy to recover from and minimally invasive. Most of our treatments are considered cosmetic and don’t require a referral. But we still need to be aware of any chronic health or underlying conditions that may affect your treatment and recovery. We may request access to your medical history or need to coordinate your care with your medical team.
  • Any medications you may be taking. You or your family physician must provide us with a detailed inventory of any medications or supplements you’re taking. We want to make sure that nothing will interact with your treatment or pain medication. In addition, if you choose to use anesthesia for your treatments, we will need to consult your medical history and medical team to make sure that it’s appropriate for your health.
  • Follow-up care instructions. Many of our vein treatments require multiple sessions. At each appointment, we monitor your progress and provide after-care instructions and follow-up. Usually, this includes wearing compression stockings and increasing your exercise. Increasing your physical activity will help prevent future vein issues and help to relieve the discomfort of recovery. We usually recommend walking and other light cardiovascular activities while you are recovering. As you progress in your treatment, it may be wise to monitor your weight and diet to prevent future vein issues. Obesity and lack of exercise can increase the risk of varicose veins or spider veins. You may choose to coordinate your follow-up care and any lifestyle changes with your family practitioner. They can recommend options designed for your body’s unique needs and help you stay safe and healthy.

We are experts in the vascular system and vein health problems as vein health specialists, but we are also medical doctors. So we know how important a well-rounded medical team, including a family physician, can be to your overall health. Good communication among your medical team can help you stay healthy and prevent significant medical issues. If you have any concerns or questions about your vein treatment, feel free to ask us.