Vein issues can ruin travel

29445344 - blonde casual caucasian lady napping while traveling by trainAAA forecasted in 2018 that nearly ⅓ of Americans traveled for the holiday season. If this past year, you were one of the many crowding the airports and highways, you are not alone. Holiday travel is a time-honored tradition and one that is often unpleasant. Many of us feel tired and sore after long days of travel. Those feelings usually fade, but sometimes they don’t. If you have undiagnosed venous issues like varicose, spider veins or even a vein ulcer, the pain of travel can linger for long after you return home.

If you have vein issues, you may experience a few of these common symptoms after a long day of travel:

  • Swollen legs or ankles
  • Painful spots or sores on your legs
  • Bulging veins
  • Itchy spots on your legs
  • Painful muscle cramping
  • Heavy, sore legs

Most of us have a few of these issues after a long day of travel. It’s not fun to stand and wait in long lines at ticket counters or crunch your feet up in the ever-shrinking airplane seat. Sitting in a car for hours at a time is hard on your back and your legs. But if you are always sore after even just a few hours in a car or plane seat, it may be a sign of a more significant vein problem. The cramped position of sitting for hours at a time can be hard on your circulation, which can damage the valves in your veins. This damage can cause blockages or clots that can lead to varicose or spider veins. Over time, the blockage can get worse and more painful until you notice a purple or blue vein cluster.

Once varicose or spider veins clusters appear, the problem will get worse. Many of our patients report feelings of embarrassment, shame and anxiety over showing their legs in public with obvious vein issues. They forgo tropical vacations, swimming activities or even wearing shorts or dresses in warm weather because they don’t want people to see their legs. That’s no way to live or travel. We offer treatments that remove the problem areas over time so you can feel confident showing off your legs and enjoying your trips.

Don’t wait until the problem is apparent. If traveling is becoming more uncomfortable for you, come in and let us take a look. We can identify potential issues before they get worse and offer timely treatment. Travel should be fun. Don’t let vein issues ruin your trip.