You’re not alone

Varicose veins on elderly asian woman leg,Close upVein problems like varicose or spider veins can be embarrassing. The ugly, blotchy veins can make you feel uncomfortable showing off your legs. Many people who develop vein issues feel ashamed. Some people may even think they are the only ones who feel this way. They’re not.

We’ve worked with many patients over the years from all walks of life. They were all tired of dealing with the physical and mental health symptoms brought on by venous disease. They aren’t alone. Here are a few facts about vein health from a study by the Circulation journal:

  • Nearly 23% of us adults have varicose veins
  • If you include spider veins and reticular veins, then nearly 80% of men and 85% of women have vein issues
  • Varicose veins affect 22 million women and 11 million men between the ages of 40-80
  • 2 million of the men and women who have vein issues will develop chronic venous insufficiency or venous ulcers.

That’s a lot of people. Vein health is a serious problem that can negatively affect your life. It’s estimated that chronic venous ulcers, the most serious of vein issues, cost nearly $3 billion a year to treat.

It’s time to stop being embarrassed by your vein health issues. Everyone has them. What is most important to your health is to get them treated before they develop into more serious problems. We can help. Our treatments can help you feel more confident in your skin and get rid of your symptoms. It’s time to make an appointment for treatment today.